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We invite you to participate in cultural events at the Teichman Gallery from June through September.  These events are organized by fiction writer Sharon Leder, who is also Cultural Director of the Teichman Gallery. We think you will also enjoy our programs featuring musical performances, dramatic presentations, readings of poetry and fiction, and discussions of topics related to contemporary art. Refreshments and social exchange follow each event. Please find announcements of our programs in the “Enjoy” section of The Cape Cod Times published on Fridays, or call the Gallery at 508-896-2395.


The Installation of Two Outdoor Sculptures.


In mid-July, 2011, I was pleased to help erect the first of my outdoor sculptures at the home of a client in Truro, MA.  The client chose the design from one of my table-size bronze sculptures.  Her wish was to have the chosen design stand five feet tall and to be placed in her garden.  For reasons of economy, she accepted aluminum rather than bronze. The fabrication of the sculpture took place during the previous winter in the workshop of fellow-sculptor Benton Jones of Brewster, MA.  The piece was constructed in three sections to allow for portability and was assembled and installed at the site in Truro.  The light gray aluminum surface which will weather naturally, emphasizes the contemporary character of the design.  The sculpture sits securely in a wood-framed bed of washed, natural stone.  The contrast between the smooth surface of the aluminum and the texture of the stone is an appealing element of the total design.

Entitled “Tower of Strength,” the sculpture, enhanced by its garden environment, will serve as a memorial for the client’s deceased husband who worked as an amateur shipbuilder and was highly skilled in the handling of various construction materials.  The joy of the client in seeing the completed sculpture for the first time is a sight I will long remember.

My next outdoor sculpture will be erected on the lawn in front of my gallery in Brewster, MA.  The height will be eight feet.  The material is likely to be stainless steel.  The maquette is completed, and my colleague Benton Jones has already begun the preliminary steps toward the enlargement of the design.  Target date for completion:  August, 2012.

Emerging FigureI’m pleased to say we met our target date.  My new outdoor aluminum sculpture, entitled “Emerging Figure,” stands eight-feet tall on the lawn in front of the Teichman Gallery.  It is is easily seen from the road and gives added visibility to the gallery.  Visitors to the gallery enquire about it and want to know how the sculpture evolved from a bronze maquette to an eight-foot sculpture.  I answer their questions, and I tell them they can have a comparable sculpture in their back yard:  I am ready to design the maquette and Benton is ready to fabricate the sculpture.

The design and fabrication of “Emerging Figure” is part of my celebration of fifty years of making art.  It was in 1962–fifty years ago–that I came to see myself as an artist as well as a teacher of writing and literature.  While teaching, I found time to paint and make sculpture, and did so consistently until I retired from teaching in 2003  How fortunate that.I could have parallel careers!

Needless to say, I am already giving thought to outdoor sculpture number three.