My collection of twelve short stories entitled A Teacher of the Holocaust and Other Stories, Page Publications, was published in January 2015.  The book is available on Amazon and through most bookstores.

Book Description:

Martin Greenfield, the middle-aged professor in “A Teacher of the Holocaust,” enters into a romantic relationship with Rachel Klein, a therapist with children and a Holocaust survivor.  Gradually, Greenfield confronts the unhealed wounds of the survivor and–more disturbing–the limits of his own compassion.  In “The Request,” Michael Arnold, wishing to fill his life with acts of kindness, makes an agonizing decision that costs him the wife he loves.  Indifference to human suffering, guilt and repentance, the loss of a son at war and its impact on family, the failed attempt to repair broken intimacy–these are some of the themes that receive moving expression in this collection of stories.  Teichman’s characters feel the pull of their Jewish values.  They have good intentions and want to lead good lives but, like many of us, often lack the inner strength to become their best selves.